Fujian Furen Yuanmu Industrial Co., Ltd. is belong to the central enterprise China Forestry Group, and is jointly funded and established by Zhonglin Industrial Holdings Co., Ltd. & Furen Group Co., Ltd.


The company is the vice-chairman unit of China Flooring Committee now 

Furen flooring ranks among the 520 national key enterprises in China. The advanced machines which imported from USA & German ensure the furen floor with high quality , Furen Flooring can cover the entire industrial chain, including HDF production, decor R&D, flooring production, flooring material R&D innovation, etc.

By 2023, Furen flooring has gone through more than 40 years of time, and has experienced the process of growing from small to large, from weak to strong. There are more than 500 exclusive stores nationwide, with outlets all over the country, which greatly facilitates consumers. The product categories cover all kinds of flooring products.

In the future, the company will continue to serve the public from the perspective of consumers, constantly improve itself, and strive to launch better products.