Revolutionary Waterproof Flooring

Furen Group is the best manufacturer of waterproof wood flooring in China.

With the most advanced production equipment imported from Germany and the most advanced patented glue technology, Furen has been providing the best waterproof quality HDF for the floor and furniture industry What is more , Furen Flooring has been committed to the development of new materials for waterproof flooring,and has successfully developed MFC flooring

Aqua-Tech LFP

Aqua-tech luxury plank flooring is waterproof flooring which produced by Aqua-Tech HDF with super waterproof quality It is the best alternative to spc flooring

MFC flooring

Mineral material & Wood fiber composite, the combination bring amazing waterproof quality and super size stability. MFC flooring has the advantages of fire resistance & waterproof as ceramic tiles , but also with the advantages of comfortable as wooden flooring

Aqua-tech LFP

Aqua-Tech HDF bring the revolutionary change to laminate flooring

It is amazing waterproof and carb2 grade formaldehyde release

It is the best alternative to spc flooring

MFC flooring

Mineral and wood fiber composite make the MFC flooring almost 100% waterproof , and also with the advantages of wooden flooring

It can even be used in kitchens, bathroom dry areas, balconies and restaurants

Solid engineered flooring

    Solid engineered flooring is the most traditional and luxury wooden flooring product

    Relying on our own forest resources and advanced production lines , Furen flooring can offer you high quality engineered flooring

Flooring is a kind of aesthetics of decors

  • Furen flooring carefully selects the most Beautiful colors to bring a beautiful Experience to consumers all over the world

About Our Group

    China Forestry Group Co., Ltd. is the only forestry enterprise managed by the SASAC. The operating income has reached more than 200 billion yuan, the asset scale has reached more than 160 billion yuan, and the subject credit rating: AAA. Furen Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Furen Group) was formerly Fuzhou Wood-based Panel Factory, which was founded in 1979. It was a joint venture established by the former Ministry of Forestry and Fujian Province in the early stage of my country's reform and opening up. It specializes in the research and development of wood-based panels and their deep-processed products.


Social Responsibility

    In the past 40 years, the company has benefited from the strong support from all aspects of society and achieved great success. As a subsidiary of a central enterprise, Furen Flooring should take on more corporate social responsibilities and actively repay the society.

    Over the years, Furen Flooring has been contributing to carbon neutrality, solving employment population, wasteland greening, and social welfare.

    Furen Flooring has been committed to building a better human society


The best supplier of waterproof floors,find the best solution for your family.

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