Sino-Forest Invited to Attend China Brand Day Series Activities and Participate in the Awarding Ceremony of Forest Ecological Product Brand Clusters

Views : Update time : 2023-07-19 16:30:56

On May 11-12, the 2023 China Brand Day series of activities was held in Deqing, Zhejiang Province, which was sponsored by Xinhua News Agency, China Association for Brand Building Promotion, China Asset Appraisal Association and co-sponsored by Zhejiang Provincial People's Government. Sino-Forest was invited to attend and participate in the "Forest Ecological Product Brand Cluster" awarding ceremony.

Fu Hua, President of Xinhua News Agency and Secretary of the Party Group, Xu Wenguang, Standing Committee of Zhejiang Provincial Party Committee and Executive Vice Governor, Liu Mean, Chairman of China Association for the Promotion of Brand Building and Chairman of the Advisory Group of International Organization for Standardization Brand Evaluation Technical Committee attended the opening ceremony of the conference and delivered speeches; Huang Qifan, a famous economist and former Mayor of Chongqing, Hermann Simon, a German management thinker and the father of "Invisible Champion Herman Simon, the father of "invisible champion", Wu Yiling, academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering and lifetime honorary chairman of Ealing Pharmaceuticals, shared their views at the opening ceremony; Chen Hao, secretary of Huzhou Municipal Party Committee, released the host city brand.


China Forestry Group, as the chairman unit of the forest ecological products brand cluster, entrusted by Yu Honghui, secretary of the Group's Party Committee and chairman of the Board of Directors, and Zhang Hao, general manager of China Forestry Eco-Construction Co. Ltd. and secretary-general of the cluster, were invited to attend the event, and in the sixth batch of brand clusters' establishment ceremony session of the International Advantageous Clusters Branding Conference of the China Branding & General Assembly on May 12, they accepted the award from China Branding Association to The "Forest Ecological Product Brand Cluster" plaque was awarded by China Association for the Promotion of Brand Building.

This year's "510-China Brand Day" series of activities included the 2023 World Brand Moganshan Conference, the 2023 China Brand Value Information Release and China Brand Building Summit Forum, the China Brand Building Joint Conference, the International Advantageous Cluster Brand Conference, and the Summit Forum on "Promoting Stronger Agricultural Brands and Assisting in Rural Revitalization". Rural Revitalization" Summit Forum. Guests gathered to express their insights and practical experience in building world-class brands, and share their profound understanding and wisdom in high-quality development of brands. Sino-Forest participated in the conference and discussed the road of high-quality development of brands with people from all walks of life.

The 20th CPC National Congress has comprehensively drawn a grand blueprint for the construction of Chinese-style modernization, pointed out the direction for China's future development, and put forward new and higher requirements for brand building. China Forestry Group will take the formation of the forest ecological products brand cluster as an opportunity to deeply implement the important instruction of General Secretary Xi Jinping on the "Three Transformations", to promote the brand building of forest ecological products with high quality, to continuously improve the brand awareness and influence of the forestry industry, and to contribute to the writing of a new chapter of the Chinese-style modernization. 

It is reported that the 2023 China Brand Day series of activities aimed at high-quality promotion of China's brand building work, comprehensively enhance the overall level of China's brand development, shaping the "quality of China's" good image, build up a sustained momentum for brand building, and continue to promote China's brand from the brand power to the brand power to move forward. Executive Chairman of China Brand Building Association, President of China Association for the Promotion of Old Districts, former Director General of AQSIQ, Zhi Shuping, former Director General of General Administration of Customs, member of the Standing Committee of the Thirteenth National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, Deputy Director of the Economic Committee, Yu Guangzhou, Chairman of China Consumer Goods Quality and Safety Association, former Deputy Director General of AQSIQ, Zhang Qinrong, former member of Party Leadership Group of the Ministry of Agriculture, Director of Discipline Inspection Group of Central Commission for Discipline Inspection of the former Ministry of Agriculture, Zhu Baocheng, former member of Party Leadership Group of Ministry of Agriculture, Director of Chinese Agricultural Products Market, former member of Party Leadership Group of Ministry of Agriculture, Director of Chinese Agricultural Products Market. Party group member of the Ministry of Agriculture, Zhang Yuxiang, President of China Agricultural Products Market Association, Zhang Zhiyin, Chief Expert of Logistics Supply Chain Brand Cluster, and representatives of relevant ministries and commissions, local governments at all levels, famous enterprises at home and abroad, and representatives of global academic institutions, more than 2,500 people gathered together.